How much does it cost to build a website?

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Design Service

We know that running a business is tough. You are pulled in every direction, time can slip through your fingers and that To-Do pile seems never to go down. Freeing up time to concentrate on what actually earns the money should be your primary focus.

The power of delegation in business is what drives successful outcomes. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review by Jesse Sostrin  “To be a great leader you have to learn to delegate well”. Finding smarter ways to run your business helps focus on what you need to prioritise. But you need to trust those to whom you delegate, especially if you are going out of house.

TRUST! Businesses are built on it and even Google is striving to only deliver results it trusts when you search online. Now more than ever, finding the right businesses to partner with and delegate various business functions to, trust must be established right from the start.

If we take the process Google is using when you are searching for a Graphic Designer as an example. You will be looking for certain criteria as you type in to your browser and hopefully the results should pop up. You have now delegated a job to the worlds most trusted search engine and you now have a list of Graphic Designers to choose from… easy isn’t it!  

But how did those businesses get on that list in the first place?

The search engines will only deliver searches it can see are doing all the things being asked of it. Basically, if you don’t bother with your website, the search engines won’t either. Building, maintaining and promoting a website is a critical part of your business marketing plan. It doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive if you have the right team on your side.

Here are a few questions we get asked when people are looking for a new website:

  • How much should I be considering as a budget?
  • What is your design and build process?
  • How long will it take?
  • How many websites have you built?
  • Do you outsource any of this work?
  • Do you offer support after the website is launched?
  • Who owns the website?
  • Can I speak to any of your clients about their experiences of working with you?

There are questions you need to ask yourself as well:

  • Is this company right for me?
  • Do they reflect my values?
  • Is their online information up to date?
  • Are they approachable?

Tasks such as designing and building a website for example, needs to be done collaboratively so you need to know you can work with the company you choose. Yes, the website will tell you a lot about a company and what they do but picking up the phone will give you an instant impression of that business. From the way you are greeted to the processing of your enquiry – are they professional? Do they understand my needs? Are they responsive?  We would say if a business passes these 3 simple tests it’s a good sign of the type of service you can expect to receive as a client.

Website Agency

Trading today without a well-designed website is considered almost impossible and here’s why! A website is a major component of your business marketing mix.


  • You are in control of your online presence and promotion
  • It projects your brand and increases exposure
  • Gives you a competitive advantage and expands your reach
  • Generates leads and creates engagement

But the one part of this process which many businesses leave out of their budgets is the need to promote their website. Gone are the days when you built a website and they will come (to paraphrase Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams). Today’s internet is an ultra-competitive place and a website without promotion is like a poster in the desert… no one sees it!   

So, what does it cost to design and build a website?

At Colour It In we believe it’s a good idea to give you a starting point of the type of budget you need to consider. This way we are honest and open right from the start.   

Business Basic

from £799

What you get....

Maybe you are just getting started or you are a charity who needs visability.

A Business Basic website is the right place to start.

This is a proper website, designed to start building the online trust and authority that is required to get you ranking in searches.

• Built-in Content Management System so it’s easy to use & edit yourself

• Built in a way the search engines can understand, we call this search engine ready

• Built on strong foundations to grow with your needs

• Built to be responsive so it works on mobile, tablet and desktop too

Business Plus

from £1599

What you get....

This is where the big ideas come together and we can build a website that meets the needs of your business today and tomorrow.

Building on from the Business Basic Package, the whole process is focused on you and the needs of your clients, from intuitive navigation to interactive tools, your website is the workhorse of your business.

We can design and build you a beautiful website that you will be proud of and with a massive selection of plugins your site can be tailored to your needs.

Business E-Commerce

from £2999

What you get....

If you are serious about selling online, you need a proper E-commerce solution that is designed to grow with your business needs.

An E-commerce site typically has these types of features:

• Feature rich web shop

• Designed & optimised for mobile & tablet

• Accepts credit & debit cards

• Accepts payment gateways

• Back office for product management

• Auto email status notifications

• Content management system

• Customer account & order history

• Admin area for order processing

• Customer contact form

• Set up of up to 30 products in up to 5 categories

• Training on how to use the system

• One month’s support package

Our E-commerce platforms come with a host of optional tools and plugins we can add as your needs increase. We can also help with EPOS integration – ask for more information

Website Agency

Website Support Packages

We believe that launching your website is just the beginning of our business relationship. A website today needs constant attention to ensure it’s secure and up to date… one thing we can be sure of is technology won’t stand still!

Each month a real person will check your website over and report back if there are any problems which may need further investigation. We will check the current security tools are working and update areas such as plugins that may affect the functionality of your web site. Remember the search engines look for websites that are well cared for.

Minimum Term – 3 months with 30day notice period

Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing

Optimising your website is no longer an option, it’s a must do! Let’s get one thing straight, we will NEVER promise you page 1 position 1 on a Google search for everything you do, every day. If anyone is offering this to you they are fibbing and you will just be wasting your money.

The dark days of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not where anybody wants to be. We offer an honest and open service with packages that will ensure your website ranks as high as possible. We work with you to understand your needs and ensure all of your marketing works together so we can see all the results.



All prices are Net of VAT. SEO packages are a minimun 12 month contract with a 3 month cancellation period. Care Packages are a 3 month contract with a 1 month cancellation period.