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We’re here to make SEO transparent, simple and accessible to all of our clients.

We’re not hidden away in a bedroom working in our underpants or an anonymous online-only service in some far off land.

That means you can actually come in and see us for a chat, give us a call or drop us an email. Let’s get together and see about increasing your online presence. First though, you might be wondering “But what is SEO and why should I care?

What is SEO?

What is SEO - Colour It In

We all want to rank as highly as possible when people search for terms relevant to our business or our site.

It goes without saying right? Because it makes it more likely we get more traffic and therefore more likely we generate enquiries and orders.

Of course, we can pay to be at the top of Google and there is a place for that. But long term, that can be an expensive way to push traffic onto your site. Wouldn’t it be better if you could get traffic from search results without having to pay for every click? Of course it would!

So how do we make this a reality? Well, there are things we can do to help Google and other search engines prioritise your website so that rankings improve over time as a result. SEO is complex though and it changes all the time. But we like to make it as transparent as possible. Put very simply it all boils down to two things that you need to get right.

Is your website useful and easy to read?

Can Google easily read your website and does it think the content is good enough and relevant enough? Because making your site technically and structurally easy to view for search engines will help improve your online presence.

But don’t forget your readers. Making sure the information on your site is relevant and useful for what people are searching for, and that they enjoy the user experience, is just as important. All this is known generally as ‘on-page SEO’.

How we can help:

  Fixing ongoing technical errors

  Maintaining the website

  Making content relevant to search terms

  Improving site speed

  Improving security

      …and much more.


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The Rules - Colour It In

Is your website credible?

How much do search engines like Google, trust your website? Because this ‘authority’ determines where you rank. So the more others link to your site and your content, the more trusted you are. This is what is generally known as ‘off-page SEO’. Both ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’ SEO are an ongoing commitment of resource.

In conclusion, “SEO” is actually just a slang term for a collection of best practices – web development, digital marketing, content creation, social media, PR, and so on. It’s all these things done well, done consistently, that will get you results.

How we can help:

  Building backlinks

  Improving domain authority

  Improving backlink quality

  Social amplification

      …and much more.

*Using Adwords?

We can manage that too… SEO Packages including Adwords start from £360 …ask us for details


SEO all boils down to 2 things...

1 Relevance : Is your website useful and easy to read?

2 Authority : Is your website credible?

Why would you choose Colour It In to look after your SEO?

  • We’ve been in business since 1992
  • Our approach is consultative not product led
  • We have a wide portfolio giving us knowledge in many business sectors
  • Colour It In is a Nettl Partner giving us access to a huge amount of resources
  • We are a friendly bunch who will try our best to talk in plain(ish) English – we’ll keep the tech speak to a minimum


We are delighted with the SEO services that we are receiving from Colour It In and how they have helped Google profile and get us moving up the rankings. The monthly report showing how much our key phrases are improving, generating more Google searches,  phone calls and potential business is extremely helpful. In addition to this Mark will always add a personalised report that includes very bespoke advice and ideas that may move us even further forward. Since Colour It In have provided SEO services for us we have seen a consistent, steady stream of enquiries and customers that are a match for our business which in turn has lead to sales. We would not hesitate in recommending Colour It In to any business who is trying to raise their business profile on the internet to generate business.
Sarah Stanley

Warren Forest Park


Step 1

We audit your website – basically we have a look under the bonnet

Step 2

We will talk to you about what we find and what you need


Step 3

We will discuss a package and send you a detailed proposal

Step 4

If you are happy we can begin

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