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A website is now “the” essential marketing tool for your business or organisation and that’s why you need to get it right.

At Colour It In we work closely with our clients to design or develop a site that fits your requirements, with the end user in mind but which is easy for you to keep the all important content up to date.

Your website needs to function and deliver the information a visitor needs to help them decide to use your business, buy a product or request your services. Long gone are the days of building a website and believing because it’s there, people will find it – it won’t happen, you have to let people know it’s there. Imagine designing and printing a company brochure then forgetting to post it out to your clients. So, don’t forget to factor in a budget for marketing your website. (See our SEO Page).

Colour It In undertakes an in-depth look into the reasons why your business needs a new website or the development of an existing website, to ensure we can deliver the right solutions for you and your customers. But you can make a start now, click the link below and have a look at the top 10 questions you need to ask yourself before you embark on a website project.

Over the years, we have noticed that the thought of building a website can often fill a business owner with dread. There are so many questions…

How to find a reputable website designer?

Do your research and ask questions. We are here to make the whole process as painless as possible and involve you in the planning right through to launch. But if you need more reassurance then you are more than welcome to speak to our clients. Colour It In is also a Nettl Partner, one of the largest networks of independent web design agencies in the country. This gives us the resources of much larger web design companies but with a friendly face.       


Will I understand what they are telling me? 

Jargon is all part of modern life but can cause barriers. At Colour It In, we will not blind you with endless technical jargon, we speak in plain English and if there is anything you don’t understand, just ask.


Can I see the build as it progresses?

We agree a set of “stepping stones” in our proposals so we all know what needs to be done and when it needs completing by. You will also get a log-in to the development site when we are underway so you can see what’s happening.


Will I get sign off of my website before it’s launched?

Prior to launch, we will ask you to have a look at the whole development website to make sure you are happy that it’s ready to go.


Will there be support once the website is live?

As part of the proposal we state that we will train you to use your website and we are here to help you for the first few months. But we see this as a long-term relationship, you have invested time and money into your website so we will keep in touch with you.

Need a New Website?

Here are 10 questions – use these as pointers to help you plan. It will uncover the motivations and intent behind the project, helping you and your design team define and achieve your online success.


Easy to Edit

Your website is built using the WordPress platform and has a built-in content management system. Easily edit text and update images yourself, at no cost, as often as you like.


Search Engine Ready

Every site is search-engine-ready as standard. Moving up search engine rankings needs consistency, skill and effort. Talk to us about SEO options.

Easy to Maintain

Built on strong foundations. Our modular approach means we can scale your site and add functionality when you’re ready. You don’t need to do everything at the start, so as your business grows, your site can grow with you.

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Want more information on how to get started?

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