A whopping 40,000 Google searches are made every second, so it’s well worth investing some time and energy into making sure you stand out online. Here are 10 ways to improve your website’s online presence.

1. Build a professional website

Luckily, these days you don’t need to be a professional coder to build a beautiful webpage. Some hosting websites provide basic templates, while those with a bigger budget should consider using a web designer for optimal customer experience.

2. Fill it with concise, clear and considered content

Be very clear about what customers can expect from your products and services, who to contact about pricing, and where customers can find you.

3. Search engine optimize

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) determines where your business ranks in search results. Make sure your website includes keywords your customer might search for in order to enhance your search rankings.

4. Fire up your social channels

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give customers a direct line to get in touch with your customer service team. They are also a great platform to start building a buzz about your business.

5. Connect with influencers

Consider reaching out to people with a large online following to see if they are interested in working with your brand.

6. Develop authority with blogs

Blogging about your niche shows your company is an authority and will increase customer traffic to your website.

7. Impress your audience with great images

Eye-catching images are a fantastic way to show off what your company can do.

8. Provide great customer service

The majority of customers expect a response to queries or complaints expressed on social media the same day they are posted. Speedy responses show your customer you care.

9. Increase traffic with paid ads

Paid advertising is a simple and effective way to drive traffic to your website. Pay-Per-Click adverts help to promote your pages on search engines, while business social media accounts allow you to advertise on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

10. Analyze and make changes

Analyze what your company is doing well online and what could be done better. Make changes to your online strategy and make plans to grow your online presence further in the future.