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SEO has traditionally been sold as set packages but change is rapid and we like to make sure you get what you need today but plan for tomorrow. But it’s still useful to help you consider a budget to know where to start.

Here is our recommended starting point for various types of websites. Remember SEO is medium to long term strategy and for some clients, we build a an omni channel approach to delivering on your marketing objectives. But SEO is now seen as a ‘must have’ running in the background to get you listed in search consistently.          

All packages are subject to a minimum £200 set up fee and are based on a minimum 12-month contract, thereafter we require 3 months’ notice of cancellation. 

 These prices are illustrative and each campaign is based on the individual needs of the business.    

Social Media vs SEO
Shrouded in mystery for years and often thought of as a dark art, SEO is now one of the most reliable ways to improve the ranking of your website in what is now a very busy space.

We see SEO as a part of the marketing tools you need to use to get traffic to your website. True, it’s a medium to long term strategy and we may need to use other tools strategically to gain early traction, especially for a brand new website. But SEO will enhance that work and help deliver a much better return on investment (ROI).

However, optimising your website is no longer an option, it’s a must do! Let’s get one thing straight, we will NEVER promise you page 1 position 1 on a Google search for everything you do, every day. If anyone is offering this to you, they are fibbing, and you will just be wasting your money.

What we do offer is an honest and open service with packages that will ensure your website ranks as high as possible. We work with you to understand your needs and ensure all your marketing works together so we can see all the results.

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But what is SEO?

It’s a method of ensuring your website pages are ranked as high as possible in a search. This is because search is a primary method of discovering your content online. If you sell Handmade Biscuits near Me, you want people who search for handmade biscuits to find you. Now there are lots of people out there selling handmade biscuits. So, you need to work hard to remain visible. SEO will help do this for you.

To ensure you meet the needs of the search engines such as Google, we need to achieve 3 basic things.

• Trust
• Authority
• Relevance

But the search engines update their algorithms daily, so you need to ensure your website can match this. Site speed, mobile first approach, website architecture and fresh content are all ways of doing this.

Where to start!


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