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Social Media vs SEO


It’s the hardest thing in the world to write about yourself or your business unless it’s something you enjoy! We create compelling content for websites, blogs, brochures, social media, e-shots and print. This is all focused to help you to reach and engage with existing clients and customers as well as delivering new opportunities.

Each client has a different requirement and we work closely with you to ensure the depth of knowledge and tone delivers the best results.  

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Content Management

We help you plan the content across your website, social media and print to ensure people understand who you are and what you do. Having “clarity of message” is key to the search engines and potential customers making the decision to engage with you.

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Writing Blogs

A Blog… what is it and what can it do? Put simply, it’s a very efficient way to keep your website updated. Many website owners tend to see a blog as too much effort and turn to social media as it’s quick and easy. We can’t argue, but what you are doing is driving potential customers away from your website.

We say use your blog as it is part of the website you invested in. Want to know more? Give us a call

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Design Newsletters

Keeping existing and potential customers informed about your business requires more than just a website. Being proactive and sending out content to spotlight new products, services or celebrating achievements within the business, is a very positive marketing activity.

A well-designed Newsletter printed or digital can engage and for companies whose customer base may not be fully plugged in digitally, receiving your Newsletter in the post may be the only way to reach them.

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Video Production

Video is the ultimate tool for engaging customers. People will spend hours online watching video content, but you can give customers a deep dive into your product or service which is immersive, interesting and rewarding.

We know from our clients that video has driven higher quality enquiries and customers are better informed. The great thing about video is just how versatile it can be, from a single shoot you can get long form content for your website such as a product brochure as well as snippets and teasers for your social media.

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Photo Shoots

Expert, quality photography should be your number 1 aim. All marketing today is highly visual, so poor quality and out of focus shots will only make customers switch off. No matter what business you are in, your customers want to see what you do before they commit. Like video, building up an image library means you always have the right images to hand for adverts, promotions and social media.

Colour It In has inhouse facilities to produce product shots for your E-commerce sites and brochures as well as coming to site with our mobile studio. We are experienced in planning a photo shoot to ensure you get the best results.

We can also manage your image library so that you and your team have access to the latest images, in the correct format for the chosen application.

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Social Media Management

The demands of social media are ever changing, and you can waste valuable business time, posting and getting very little back. The secrets are Planning & Managing. Without this you will struggle to gain any traction and you’ll soon become disheartened.

Using social media effectively requires a great deal of content so it’s always a good idea to have as much ready as possible. But we hear you ask, don’t we just take a picture, upload it, and wait for the “LIKES”? True, part of the fun of social media is being reactive and if you are lucky, you may go viral! But for many, it’s the hard slog.

We are sure you have already given it a go but if you want to get serious then give us a call