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Vicki Taylor is a running coach with a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Her personal running journey started just over a decade ago when she decided to ‘get fit for 40’. Little more than a year later she completed her first marathon and has since run 16 marathons worldwide.

Vicki is now a fully qualified, licensed and insured British Athletics Coach and is also pursuing qualifications in nutrition to complement her offering to the people she coaches.

Vicki came to Colour It In when she was preparing to launch her business, Run VJT Coaching, initially looking for us to design her branding. We then went on to create and launch her website, with the whole process taking a matter of days – it must be one of the quickest projects we’ve ever been involved with! Even though Vicki did not have any experience in branding and websites nor a clear idea about the kind of design she wanted, she was responsive and decisive when presented with ideas. This made the whole process run smoothly and efficiently, and just shows what can be achieved with focus and teamwork!

It’s amazing to see Vicki’s success with Run VJT Coaching since she launched the business just before Christmas and we are looking forward to continuing to support her as it progresses.

What Vicki says about us…

“I’ve worked with a number of companies and I have to say Colour It In are one of the nicest and most responsive teams around. I worked closely with them on my new business branding and website and the whole process ran like clockwork. Within the space of a week we had gone from the start of the process to a new branding and a website ready to launch.

I guess that’s what you get from such an experienced team. They understood straight away what I was looking for. They are very skilled in understanding what their clients want but also what they need to do to attract and retain the right audience.

Colour It In have so much experience and knowledge in terms of branding, and the work they did for me was simply brilliant. I had no clear idea on design or colours and Matthew gave me a number of options for colours and design using his expertise, experience and knowledge of the market and we were able to narrow the options before making the final decision.

With the website, I provided the background information and Matthew designed the pages, again using his knowledge and expertise and considered every aspect for me. He knew what people look for, how to design the website, how to ensure it can develop as the business grows, and how to maximise the data we get from it.

I know people who have created websites on their own and I can clearly see the difference it makes having an expert work alongside you on your vision for your business and support you in developing the final product. I’m so proud of mine, I love it, and I recognise that I never would have been able to do it without their help and advice.

I launched my business, the brand and the website just before Christmas and I’ve already had really great feedback about everything. One of the key things I offer are my running camps, and it’s great to have a dedicated page about these on my website that I can direct people to when they make an enquiry.
I’m hoping to add more information onto the website including videos and other resources and I am confident that the website is set up in a way that will support my plans as I grow my business.

Apart from a phone call or two, everything was done remotely and it was so easy. I live in the south of England but grew up in Ripon where Colour It In are based. My mum still lives there, so I sent her round to their office with a bottle of bubbles for Christmas to say thanks!

The business is going well and I’m so busy, which is fantastic for me. I do keep pinching myself because this has been my dream job for so long. I see the work that Colour It In have done as more of an ongoing relationship and will definitely be using them again as my business develops.”

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