Web Care Packages

What’s a Web Care Package and how do they support my website?

Taking care of your business website is crucial for several reasons, impacting everything from brand image and user experience, to security and search engine ranking. A Web Care Package will ensure your website runs smoothly.

Basic Care

from £38/month

What you get....
  • Monthly hosting of your website
  • SSL Certificate – essential to maintain security and customer trust
  • Non-critical WordPress updates – these are usually focussed on performance and usability improvements
  • Theme updates – again, these are usually focussed on performance and usability improvements. Regular updates of the Theme will prevent your website from becoming obsolete. If a site becomes too out of date, a costly re-build might be required in the future
  • Core plugin updates – the majority of modern websites use a range of 3rd party plugins to add functionality. Over time, their developers improve their functionality and patch security flaws. These updates require activation and testing to maintain reliability
  • Website restoration – the most basic backup where we roll-back the entire site to a previous point in time. Cleansing of Malware/Viruses will be an additional cost

Business Care

from £59/month

What you get....

All the ‘Basic Care’ features PLUS:

  • Advanced plugin and database updates – these are more complex than standard plugins and require a 2 stage update and test process to ensure compatibility
  • Premium plugin updates
  • Website restoration and cleanse – this goes further than the standard backup and is designed to identify and eliminate Malware / Viruses before restoration

E-Commerce Care

from £80/month

What you get....

All the benefits of the Basic and Business Packages PLUS:

  • E-Commerce plugin and database updates
  • Bespoke code maintenance – this service is provided for sites that have bespoke code written in the software. Our specialist team will monitor and maintain the website and in case of problems, be available on a priority basis to provide solutions

Here are some key points to consider or why not take a look at your website and see if you can answer these questions:

  • Brand Image – Is it projecting the right look for your business?
  • Credibility – Does it confidently support what you say your business does?
  • User Experience – Are visitors able to easily find what they need?
  • Conversions – Are your visitors becoming customers?
  • Security – Are the platform and tools used to give function, up to date?

If you have answered NO to any or all of the above, we need to talk

Are Web Care Packages really needed?

Put simply, a website needs support from the day it launches. The internet is not a static environment and search in particular, changes hourly. The easy way to think of this is as a shop window…

…You own a shop on the high-street (remember them?). People travel past every day but what’s going to make them stop and look?

A nice, bright and inviting display, of course!

What’s going to put them off?.. Can’t read the sign, windows are dirty, the stock hasn’t been changed in a while and a bulb is flickering.

This is the same online! The search engines make the same decisions billions of times per second, so for you to stand out you need to take care of your website.

This is why all websites we build must have Web Care Packages – to make sure you don’t lose out. It just makes sense.

In conclusion, taking care of your business website is an ongoing investment that pays off in multiple ways. It strengthens your brand image, enhances user experience, improves security and boosts your search engine ranking, ultimately leading to increased website traffic, conversions and business success.

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