Algorithms: those cryptic codes which can seem a little intimidating upon first acquaintances. Even well-trained business minds can sometimes overlook the importance of algorithms in the digital sphere. If you’re looking to boost your business’ platform by consulting an SEO agency, then it’s useful to understand the basics of algorithms. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start: our content marketing experts have pulled together a little crash course to help you become an algorithm whizz.


Creating Content

Content creation is one of the most useful tools for businesses to establish their brand online. Reels, blogs, videos, memes; you name it. Content creation essentially tells the story of your business in a way which is engaging and, above all, entertaining. Social media algorithms can help you prioritise the right type of content for your business. They can also tell you the best time to post.

For example, if the algorithm shows your customers are prone to short bursts of entertainment in the morning before work, then simple, but eye-grabbing content might be best to post in the morning. Algorithms can also tell you what type of content resonates best with your audiences, helping you tailor future posts which tap into the interests of pre-existing customers, whilst also drawing in new customers.


Optimising User Engagement

Because algorithms are designed to maximise user engagement, they can help give your business that extra little boost online. By identifying and promoting content which is likely to catch users’ attention, algorithms effectively elongate the time users spend on your platform. Increased dwelling time on your page is great for SEO: something Colour it In knows all too well. By analysing factors such as relevance, popularity and user interactions, algorithms help prioritise and recommend content to users, helping generate those crucial likes, shares and comments.


Personal Experiences

Personal touches make all the difference with creative marketing strategies. Because algorithms power personalised experiences on digital platforms, they can provide tailored recommendations, advertisements, and user interfaces. Data from browsing histories, search queries and demographics give you crucial insight into what your users want to see. Not only does this mean you can create content which is relevant to your users: it also generates increased user satisfaction, communicating the professionalism and approachability of your business.


Targeted Advertisements

Although content creation is a virtual godsend when it comes to online marketing strategies, paid target advertisements can be a fantastic way to give your business just that extra little boost. Algorithms help you identify the right type of target advertisement for your business, so you know that you’re getting the ultimate bang for your buck. Algorithms help analyse user data, including demographics and browsing behaviours to help you create an advertisement that matches your brand with the right audiences.


Evolved Business Strategy

Businesses must stay up-to-date with the most recent algorithm changes. This is so they can adapt their strategies accordingly. As social media platforms are constantly updating their algorithm, you’ll need to understand these changes so your content is SEO optimised. Although this can be achieved by monitoring algorithm changes carefully, you might want to reach out for help with a trusted SEO agency. This means you can concentrate on the creative content, whilst the agency makes sure it is fully optimised across platforms.

At Colour It In we have years of experience in working with businesses to establish a digital platform which is more than just a website. Our experts are committed to helping you gain maximum online presence so that your digital campaigns see both impact, and results.