Do you need to make your website mobile responsive? It’s actually been a whole five years since mobile internet usage passed computer usage for the first time – so it’s definitely time to start offering your customers an exceptional mobile experience. Here’s why you need to make your web presence more mobile-friendly.

Your customers are on mobile devices

57% of all web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets. It’s the number one reason why you need a mobile responsive website that lets your customers get to your site wherever they are.

Mobile users access your site at the moment of need. If your web presence isn’t easy to access, then your customers will go elsewhere. Modern attention spans are short – if your site doesn’t load within three seconds, over half your users will go elsewhere. A fast and responsive design will help them stick.

Improved user experience

If you want to attract new customers, you must deliver a great UX. And that includes a website design that’s fast, easy to navigate and responsive.

Make your contact details clickable, and all your customers need to do is click and make the call. If you’re easier to contact, it’s easier to make sales.

Responsive website design ensures that your webpage displays correctly on any handheld device, in portrait or landscape. This makes your website easier to use and delivers the UX your potential customers expect.

Boost your Google ranking

According to a study, 96% of users search Google first. It’s the reason that optimising your SEO is critical. But did you know that Google will identify and prioritise mobile-friendly websites?

If you want to amplify your visibility and move up the rankings, then mobile responsive web design is a free way to rank better. And the more organic search results you get, the more leads and conversions – who wouldn’t want to make the most of that?

It’s cost-effective

Responsive website design (RWD) optimises your desktop site for mobile browsing. Rather than maintaining different architectures for desktop and mobile websites, RWD uses a single source code to control the way your page displays on any device. In turn, that means you only need to maintain one site and not multiple source codes and updates.

Stay competitive

Have you checked out the competition lately? If you think a mobile-friendly website isn’t a priority, consider this: 57% of users won’t recommend your business if you have a poorly designed mobile website. Your top competitors have probably already optimised their web presence for mobile.

Making your web design responsive means you can stay competitive and build trust with your customers. Responsive websites are the new standard when it comes to defining who wins the battle for online customers. Make sure that your business is competing on a level playing field.

Increase engagement

Does your website rely on social channels and content marketing to drive traffic? If you’re using videos, blogs and other content to engage with your customers, you need to ensure seamless engagement on any platform.

Suppose your content doesn’t display or is too small to read. In that case, the engagement you’ve worked so hard to establish will end in a series of unnecessary bounces. Make your site mobile responsive and your content easy to share, and you’ll give your users the consistent experience they crave on any platform.

At Colour It In, we know that a responsive website isn’t a ‘nice to have’; it’s a must-have for your business. Give your website the edge with web design services you can trust, and contact us today to find out more about our products and services.