to make a first impression. According to Business Insider, in real life you only get 7 seconds to make it a good one.

What’s perhaps more interesting is that a number of the elements needed to make a good impression in real life, translate to web too. For instance;

  • Turning up on time = Page load speeds
  • Introducing yourself = Clear branding
  • Speaking clearly = Content that is easy to read
  • Looking smart = Professional design

But how long do you get to strike a bit of rapport online? Lots of numbers have been banded about, with one report claiming it takes just one twentieth of a second to pass judgement. But this research by Nielsen Norman Group suggests users often leave after ten seconds, so let’s work with that.

As for turning up promptly, Last year Google told us that the average mobile landing page loads in a mind-numbing 22 seconds. ‘So Solid Crew‘ would not be happy.

But it appears they wouldn’t be the only ones. Rather worryingly, Google also discovered 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.