Whether you’re building a business from scratch or rebranding, you’ll need to crunch some numbers before committing.

So, how much does a website design cost in 2021? Find out in this short guide, then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Choose a Domain Name

This is the cheapest step in the process and cost start from £0.99. If you’re serious about your business, purchase your domain name for 5 or even 10 years.

If you’re not sure how to do this, your web design company will be happy to help.

Organise Your Hosting

So, how much does a website design cost in terms of hosting? If you want a small site and anticipate low traffic volumes, shared hosting might be best. Costs start from £9.00 per month – but you’re likely to be tied into a yearly agreement, which could cause problems if your business starts to grow and attract more visitors.

Dedicated hosting will give you more flexibility. Expect to pay upwards of £60.00 per month – but with the added benefit of having an entire server dedicated to your website.

Who’ll Write Content?

Not all website design companies offer a content writing service. Instead, they may fill this expertise gap by using a freelancer – but this will add to the cost and complicate communication

Ideally, look for a company with creative marketing experience that also offers copywriting as an in-house service.

Bespoke or Off-The-Shelf?

A bespoke website will cost more, because it will be built from scratch. With WordPress, you can choose a theme and ask your web designer to make modifications – saving time and expense.

This is the more expensive part of the process – but a good designer will be able to build something that ticks your boxes while staying within budget.

Other Considerations

Do you need an e-commerce platform? This involves creating dashboards, payment channels and more, so will bump up the price of your project.
Do you need a personalised email address? If your business is brand new and gmail or hotmail won’t do, your design company can help with this too.
Do you need additional features? For example, you might want to add exit pop-ups, a newsletter subscription option, or a live chat facility.

How Can We Help You?

How much does a website design cost when you choose Colour It In? Take a look at our services and prices page to learn more – then get in touch for a more detailed chat. We can help with all aspects of your marketing, including SEO!