The effect on business due to Covid has been immense no matter what sector you are in. But the levels of resilience have been truly inspiring and many businesses have done so much to align themselves with the needs of their customers. Some have even found a whole new business model which has transformed the way they do things.

Horticap, the brilliant horticultural charity based in Harrogate is a real example of this. Colour It In has been associated with Horticap for many years and we work closely to support their marketing and communications with everything from the website to printing.

When the call came in April that everything in the greenhouses was at risk with the staff, volunteers and students being sent home, things looked bleak. Loss of stock meant loss of income from plant sales. As many of you will remember at the time the government had not fully formulated how to support businesses let alone charities so we were all left to make of it what we could and HOPE!

Within days of that call, the Horticap and Colour It In teams had worked out a plan to enable plants to be sold online in a way that keeps everyone safe and much needed revenue coming in. Teams were soon picking, packing and delivering across Harrogate. The good news is that you will be able to order your Christmas Trees from Horticap through the website very soon at

Others brought plans for E-commerce forward while some embarked on a whole new venture altogether. What was clear was that the growth of E-commerce globally had advanced years in a matter of months and is now seen as the ‘must have’ platform if you want to sell to your customers.

If you are considering selling online please contact the Colour It In team, we will be more than happy to talk you through the process… call us on 01765 570072