Looking to develop your business?

Colour It In plan, design, build and develop a new E-Commerce website helping your business to grow and win online. In today’s rapidly changing marketplace you need to choose the right company to partner with. The key to a successful e-commerce project is having a great relationship with a company who takes the time to understand your needs, applying the right solutions and supporting your business after the site is launched.

At Colour It In we build from the ground up to ensure that your business has a solid platform to work from. We keep you involved so you can see the build as it happens via your own development site log-in. Once launched, we train you to use your site and supply you with a great set of tools to help you keep your website updated.

Key elements for successful e-commerce sites

  1. Brand – your customers need to know who they are buying from, strong brand develops trust and trust is what sets you apart from your competitors.
  2. Navigation – if visitors to your site can find what they want with ease they are more likely to buy
  3. Proposition –  the differential that makes you stand out, what makes your products more desirable? Remember what Mars said will happen when you buy one of their chocolate bars?
  4. Calls to Action – Keep visitors informed as to what’s going on across your site and direct them there with ease.
  5. Check Out – Is your check out process easy to use? If not you will end up with abandoned baskets and nobody wants that!

“Remember the most important component of any e-commerce website is the customer. If they are not happy they will not shop, so talk to them and find out what they like or more importantly DON’T LIKE”

Here is the good news, to help with the cost of your project, Digital Enterprise have just launched their Digital Growth Vouchers click the link here to find out if you qualify and apply https://www.digitalenterprise.co.uk/vouchers/ Time to apply is limited so don’t hesitate.