The last few months have seen a flurry of new ways to promote who you are and what you do. The strangest of these are SOCKS… yes, today you can have your company logo printed on a pair of socks! But is it really that strange to have a logo on socks – Nike do it! How much more intimate can you get with your customer than keeping their feet warm?

There is a serious side to this and it’s all about visibility. Getting your brand in front of your client is critical to ensuring they choose your company or product over your competitors. Data from recent Royal Mail research is telling us that customers are missing many of the traditional marketing messages.

There are two main reasons – one, the customer is not where they are expected to be i.e. on trains, passing billboards, commuting to work, listening to the radio in the car or at the bus stop. No, they are working from home with one channel – Digital! They are getting so much screen time that they are just ignoring marketing messages and that is the second reason… Ad Blindness!

Sounds a bit dramatic but we are bombarded through our phones, tablets and desktops 24/7 and the brain can’t process the information. So, finding novel ways to get your message over is key and promotional products do this very well.

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