Ten ways to make your website irresistible

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve been thinking about how you can make people fall in love with your website. Follow these tips and it could be the start of a wonderful and long-lasting relationship!

1. Love at first sight – people will be put off immediately if your website doesn’t project the image they’re looking for. Make sure your website’s appearance fits with your product or service and floats your target audience’s boat.

2. Great personality – While number 1 might work in making people glance twice at your website, we all know it’s not looks aren’t everything. Try to inject some personality into your website. Even if your business is about something quite serious, you can still come across as friendly, creative and knowledgeable. Be lighthearted and fun where appropriate.

3. Don’t keep them waiting – Looks and personality may be vital to begin with, but if your website takes a long time to load, your visitor won’t wait around – and you’ll never get the chance to show them all the wonderful things you’d planned.

4. Speak the same language – Make sure your website talks to your audience in a language they understand. Write in short, simple sentences. And always remember that, while you may know all the technical jargon for your industry, your audience most likely do not.

5. Make them happy – What is your target audience looking for when they visit your website and are you delivering it? If they don’t find what they need, they’ll dump you pretty quickly.

6. Take things step by step – Don’t jeopardise your new relationship by letting it go nowhere. Guide your website visitors through the steps needed to get to their (and your) end goal. If you’d like them to fill out a form, make it a simple process. If you’re offering information or advice, present it in bitesize pieces. If they need more information, guide them to the section of your website where they’ll find it.

7. Size matters – Make sure your website displays properly on all devices. Your headers or images need to be the perfect size whether shown on a smart phone, laptop or desktop. Any button or touchpoint should be big enough for the user to comfortably press it with their finger.
8. Be reliable – As in all relationships, people like to know where they stand. Be consistent in everything from your design and navigation to your messaging.
9. Create trust – Great relationships are built on trust. Make your website credible with fresh, engaging and accurate content, customer reviews, and testimonials. And don’t make false promises – whether that’s delivering on the next installment of a blog series or posting a special offer when you say you will.
10. Keep the conversation going – Engage with your website visitors as much as you can. Start conversations through your blog posts or encourage them to get in touch, and always make sure to reply.