When it comes to running your own business, finding the best ways to market your products or services is key. One of the best marketing mediums to use is print. Not only is it cost-effective but there are many great print marketing options to select from.

Print marketing is also valuable for businesses to use currently as we all live under COVID-19 lockdown measures until further notice. As print marketing can be posted out, it gives you a safe and legal way to market your business to potential customers still. Even when life does return to normal, print resources are an effective way to connect with your target audience.

But which are the best ones we would recommend as a top graphic design company?


One very common print marketing resource that lots of UK companies use are leaflets. These are especially good for conducting a campaign in a selected geographical area to drum up new business. Most companies would usually post leaflets through house letterboxes by hand although in the current climate, posting them is the sensible route to take. Leaflets work because they are visually appealing, stay in people’s homes to deliver long-lasting results and can be customised to showcase your brand effectively.


Booklets have many of the same advantages which leaflets give but allow you to get more detailed information inside. As booklets are essentially little books comprised of multiple pages, it enables you to get over more information about your company. Booklets are great for showing product lines for example and are perfect for handing out at any future exhibitions your business attends or sending out via the post.

Business cards

When the current lockdown measures are lifted, you will probably get back to networking within your sector to build your business up. A key print marketing tool to get the most from this are business cards. These make you look more professional when networking and give an easy way to pass on vital contact information to interested parties.

Printing for business with Colour It In

As you can see, the above are some of the best print marketing resources around to use. We are experts when it comes to the production of these materials, with over 25 years experience in graphic design services. Drop us a message today via our online enquiry form to get a fast quote for booklets, business cards and leaflets.