I’ll thank myself then shall I? 

You’ve spent a small fortune in the restaurant. The food was delicious. The drinks, divine. You’re leaving. You’re heading to the door. You’re trying to make eye contact. To say goodbye. They don’t look up. They’re chatting amongst themselves. They’re looking at a screen. “You’re welcome, ta” you mutter.

Downer. You only wanted a smile and a “thanks for your visit”. Not too much to ask, is it? 

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us return. Or decide to do business again. Often, it’s the unexpected gesture that keeps us coming back. The complimentary digestif. A small gift in the mail. 

Or just a simple thank you!

Customer service is the life-blood of every business and it’s the little things that count and every customer likes to feel valued. Obviously, in a restaurant or café, you couldn’t be closer to your customer so to not acknowledge them is frankly unforgivable. But how can other businesses make that customer experience special enough to keep them coming back?

In a click’s only business, you have 2 main points of contact – your website and when the goods are opened by the customer.    

However, if you have a more tangible relationship with your customers, you have loads of opportunities to establish and develop methods of giving excellent customer service.

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