Any business worth its salt has a website; the key way to advertise its products and services and give your audience an idea of who you are. Usability is often neglected when building and designing a website, so what is usability in web design, and why should you focus on it?

What is usability in web design?

Usability measures the functionality of a website and how well a user can browse on any device and find what they need. This means an optimal design that is eye-catching, logical, and easy to use, and most importantly, works. Your website loading times should be fast; broken links and slow responsiveness is a sure-fire way for people to leave. Also remember that people aren’t just browsing your website on a laptop, and it should be optimised for mobile devices and tablets.

Usability vs user experience

Usability helps make up user experience (UX), although they are not the same thing. It’s important to fulfill all of the usability features such as loading time and searchability in order to enhance user experience.

Why you should improve your usability

First impressions are made in seconds, and just because you’ve got someone to click on your site, doesn’t mean they’ll stay. Improving usability is a huge step in your marketing, and allows users not only to get what they want from your site but to get a stronger first impression.

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