Our work takes us to some interesting places across Yorkshire and beyond but working just around the corner at Ripon Cathedral is a bit special

Ripon Cathedral is built on a site that has been a place of worship since 672. It receives over 100,000 visitors from around the world each year and is getting ready to celebrate its 1,350th anniversary.

Ensuring visitors and parishioners get the very best experience of the building is important. So, when Colour It In was asked to look at helping roll out their new brand  we were itching to get involved. Working with their marketing team (yes, cathedrals do need marketing teams), we needed to think carefully about the best solutions to enhance the visitor experience without detracting from the stunning fabric of this magnificent building.


Believe it or not, guiding people into the building has been a headache for years but the addition of way-finder signs has been a big help.

You can’t easily fix a big neon sign to the outside of a building of this type!

So, we are trialling something a bit more subtle to start with.


But it’s inside where we need to take account of the space and where the most care needs to be taken to acknowledge that this building means different things to different people. First and foremost, it’s a place of worship but it’s also a historical time capsule, an events space and an exhibition venue. The current exhibition “Home and Yonder” focuses on those people of Ripon who fought to defend our country

Ripon Cathedral War Exhibition Uniforms 1
Ripon Cathedral War Exhibition

Possibly one of the most intriguing parts of Ripon Cathedral is the Crypt. Tucked away at the end of the Nave, it needs to be found whilst ensuring we don’t detract from the meaning of the services taking place close by or the enjoyment of other visitors.

A frosted acrylic free-standing sign gives a subtle hint before full colour printed café barriers give you more of the story to those approaching along the Southern Aisle. All of this is achieved without affecting the rest of the South Nave, with a small logo on the back of the printed banners just to reinforce brand.

Ripon Cathedral Crypt 4
Ripon Cathedral Crypt 2
Ripon Cathedral Crypt 1

Colour It In has the knowledge and the skills to help deliver even the most demanding of projects. No matter if it’s a temporary installation or permanent, Colour It In can design, print and fit your next project.


Here is a link to our Exhibition & Display brochure which is packed with ideas to get you started.