2021 will bring big changes for anyone running a website, as search engines, especially Google, plan to make page experience a pivotal factor in ranking algorithms.

Here are 3 reasons why working with a website design company and updating your website before this year ends should be your top priority.

1. Google core update: Page experience

As mentioned at the end of May, Google will pay special attention to user experience. 3 main factors will be taken into account to determine whether users are having a positive or negative experience on a website.

a. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
Essentially, this metric tells search engines how quickly your website pages load.

b. First Input Delay (FID)
It tells search engines how interactive and responsive your website is.

c. Cumulative Layout Shift
Cumulative Layout Shift measures how much elements of your website move around as it loads.

2. You need a mobile-friendly website

More people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse online, meaning that your website needs to be optimised for this medium.

Today, mobile-friendly websites stand higher chances of ranking above their non-optimised competitors in the pages of Google results.

Working with a digital marketing agency near you will help you determine whether your website is user-friendly across mobile devices.

3. Your competitors

Chances are your competitors are also working with a website development company to enhance their websites to improve their rankings and get more traffic.

Given that your website is your most important digital asset, the risk of falling behind in 2021 is something you cannot afford.

By making web design a top priority and updating your website you will gain a much better understanding of where you are likely to appear in the pages of Google results compared to your competitors.