Bounce rates may sound cool and get you thinking about space hoppers and rubber balls cascading down San Francisco streets. But when it comes to your website, it’s not all fun and games.

Your website ‘bounce rate‘ is calculated by what percentage of folk arrive on your website, and then leave, before clicking anything else.

The amount of time they spend on that page doesn’t matter though. So when someone lands on your site, instantly realises it’s not for them, and leaves within a nanosecond, that’s a bounce.

Imagine someone checks your website to find your phone number, sees it on the first page, and then leaves. Bounce.

But what about if they spend their whole lunch break digesting your content instead of their sandwiches? Yep. Still a bounce.

Take this blog post for instance. You could read it all, with nods and all the lols and get right to the bottom feeling enriched. But if you leave without checking our Brilliant Ideas page then that’s a bounce. Boo.

If you need help understanding the bounce rate for website email NOW, we will call you back to have a chat about “The Bounce”