What are Google doing NOW?

May sound strange that we are telling you about this because you all know that Google changes their algorithms daily. But this is a significant update so they thought they better let people know!

What will it mean for you, your website and your SEO (search engine optimisation)? Well it’s not easy navigating these algorithms so you may need help to get things back on track and plan a future strategy.

Well we are still wading through the details as Google tend not to give out the specifics of these changes. However, the headlines are that video is going to continue to play a significant role in making your site more appealing in search. But the crucial part of the information we have seen is that genuine, original content is what Google wants, in the SEO world, we refer to this as E-A-T Expertise,  Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. 

It’s closely related to what Google calls “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) pages. YMYL pages are those that have topics on medical advice, legal advice, financial advice, that sort of thing. Anything that could positively or negatively affect a user’s happiness, health and wealth.

What do Google recommend you do?

Google’s recommendations for webmasters and SEOs whose websites have been affected by a Google Update are as follows: “We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can.”
  • Content & Quality: 
    Does the website offer original, high-quality content that isn’t just copied from somewhere? Are the page title and description appealing and do they reflect the content? If you were a webmaster, would you share the content with friends?
  • Expertise: Is the content trustworthy? Does the page contain errors? Would you, as a webmaster arriving at the page via Google search, trust the website you find?
  • Presentation & Production: Does the content seem to be well researched and well produced – or does it seem to be mass-produced fodder? Are there too many ads? Does the page load appropriately on all devices?
  • Competitive comparison: Does the website offer added value when compared with its competitors? Does the content fulfil the user’s expectations?

What do you need to do?

Ongoing SEO maintenance is a vital tool but it’s not a short term fix or a instant sales solution.

In addition to Google changing its magic formula, client’s businesses also change. Their products change, the industry changes. Their customers change, their competitors change. SEO is an effort to stay as relevant and authoritative as possible, throughout these changes.

Increased traffic is a by-product of improved rankings which is a by-product of the whole relevance and authority formula. SEO is the practice of ongoing maintenance that improves user experience, relevance and authority. 

Google uses over 200 ranking factors in its calculations. Which ones should they focus on first?


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