An attractive website is key to boosting customer clicks, but even the most inviting website is useless if the page itself lacks quality copy. Essentially, web copy is the term given to describe the words on your website. 

Creative content marketing engages customers and encourages them to take action. The objective of web copy is simple: make people click, browse, sign up and spend money on your business website. 

A glamorous website design is important, but this must be paired with quality copy to ensure your site conveys your business purpose effectively. 

Here’s why high-quality copy is important for your business, and how you can improve your site’s traffic through convincing content marketing.

What makes good copy?

As our lives have become more technological, the way we absorb information has changed and our attention spans have reduced. Consumers quickly lose interest in a product if they aren’t immediately hooked within the first sentence. 

Good web copy involves:

  • Clear and concise writing – keep it short, persuasive and to the point. The key to great copy is improving the readability of your text. Most readers will skim the content, so it’s essential to make the important points stand out.
  • Direct address to your audience – this will establish a connection with the reader.
  • A solution – the audience approaches your business website with a problem, and it is your job to convey a convincing solution through your web copy.
  • A strong call to action – your copy should convince your audience to take action towards purchasing a product or service from your company. This could be anything from contacting you to make an enquiry right through to popping something in their basket.

Unlike paid marketing campaigns that are often expensive short-term solutions, good copy lasts. Your audience may visit your page by accident, but if your web copy is consistent and engaging, they could very well return to your site again and again. More visits equals more clicks and traffic — and more sales.

Good copy improves SEO

Just like a great logo or website design, web copy is another important aspect of your branding. It does so much more than just provide information to your audience about your business — it’s also key to ensuring that search engines understand your site. 

One of the most important areas of search engine optimisation (SEO) is the use of keywords. By including terms your target customers are searching for, you can boost your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). This leads to greater visibility, more quality traffic and higher conversion rates.

Web copy sells

Imagine you are going to a job interview. You’re dressed smartly and look the part. But if you can’t communicate effectively about who you are, what you can do and why you should be hired, you’re unlikely to get much further. The same goes for your company. You cannot expect your business to thrive on your website image alone. If the website is what entices customers in, then your web copy is the persuasive sweet-talker who convinces them to stay. 

Site visitors need to know that your business is going to provide them with the service or product they are looking for, and they want to know it fast. The only way your website will persuade them is through concise, no-nonsense copy that will prompt your audience to take action.

How to improve your web copy

It can be overwhelming to try and understand what constitutes good web copy, and how to boost your copy’s readability, especially when it feels like you’re working against machines to get your business noticed. 

Sometimes, it might be time to hand the baton over to a professional. At Colour It In, we have over a decade’s worth of content marketing experience under our belt and can help you boost your website’s rankings. Contact us for your free initial SEO report.